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NEW - Listen to sample clips of the MEE Essay Writing Audio Course

Multistate Essay Examination - Strategies and Techniques Audio Course


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The Multistate Essay Examination ("MEE") is a seven question essay examination administered in several jurisdictions.  In some jurisdictions, the MEE is the sole essay component of the bar exam.  As such, doing well on the MEE is integral to doing well on the bar exam.  Many traditional bar review programs focus on teaching students the black-letter law to the exclusion of techniques on how to approach the bar exam.  Many of the applicant we work with who have had difficulty passing the exam had a firm understanding of the law.  Our analysis revealed that one of the main reasons they failed the exam was because they did not know how to properly approach essay questions.  In our MEE Strategies and Techniques audio course, we will show you how to approach any bar exam essay question.  We will teach how to prepare your answer and, most importantly, how to best convey your knowledge to the bar examiners. 


  1. Lectures - Five compact discs containing strategy on how to prepare for and write any bar exam essay answer. Click here to hear clips of the audio lectures.

  • CD Topics

Disc 1      - Introduction; How to Approach the MEE; Preparing to write

Disc 2      - How to Write an MEE answer

Discs 3-5 - In-depth analysis of four past MEE questions

  1. Supplemental Handout - Supplement containing text referenced in the lectures.  Includes four past MEE questions and analysis and sample outline for child custody jurisdiction and determination.  

    • The audio course is a lease.  It must be returned within 20 days of the administration of the bar examination.  Any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited and is a violation of federal law.


The Multistate Essay Exam Strategies and Techniques Home Audio Course is presented by Alexander S. Nakis, Esq.  Mr. Nakis is a graduate of Notre Dame Law School, where he was President of the Moot Court team.  When he graduated from Notre Dame, Mr. Nakis practiced law as a commercial litigator in the New York City office of Dewey Ballantine LLP.  At Dewey Ballantine, Mr. Nakis was involved in representing several multi-national clients including Credit Agricole Indosuez, Mutual of New York, and many more.  In 2001, Mr. Nakis left Dewey Ballantine and began practicing law at Gray, Harris, & Robinson in Tallahassee, Florida.  At GrayHarris, Mr. Nakis represented the Florida House of Representatives in the 2002 redistricting litigation and the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust in multi-million dollar commercial litigation.   


Order the MEE Audio Course here.


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